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Approach To Weight Loss

We should not be aiming for short-term dietary fixes but for gradual improvements over a long period of time. In time, even small adjustments of diet can result in significant improvements in body tone.

Obsession with weight can lead to some strange eating patterns which can eventually damage your health. Ideally, you should be paying attention to what you eat and, equally importantly, to portion sizes.

Some experts have concluded that "The ups and downs of dieting can increase your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. You should be seeking to become more fit and healthier, not necessarily thinner.

Get Off That Couch

If we continue a sedentary lifestyle, it is a natural biological fact we will gain weight decade after decade.

A long-term approach, therefore, could be to decrease how much we eat and to increase our level of physical activity.

If we incorporate some form of physical activity into our lifestyle from as early as possible, in time it will become an integral part of our existence with the consequential positive benefits.

Dieting should, usefully, be thought of as a healthy eating lifestyle. There are no bad foods, just bad portions. When we have control over what we eat, it takes the pressure off our eating patterns and gives us a mind-set for future success.


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