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Benefits Of Being Fit

The benefits of being fit and keeping active, is an improved quality of life - being able to do things you enjoy for longer periods of time. For example, playing with the kids, gardening, dancing, or walking.

Being fit has many short-term benefits, such as an improved sense of well-being, and long-term benefits, such as reducing the risk of suffering many debilitating diseases.

Short-term benefits of fitness include:-
Long-term benefits of fitness include reduced risk of:-

In addition, physical activity plays a role in the positive outcomes of:-

Other benefits of being fit include an inner glow resulting in improved facial appearance and body composition (how much muscle and fat you have), and enhanced social life, and increased stamina.

From the foregoing, it is apparent how vital it is to engage in some regular fitness program to help provide an armour against these illnesses.

If, however, you have conditions that may make physical activity risky for you, such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, heart valve disease, or diabetes, talk to a health professional before starting a fitness plan. It is likely that he or she will still recommend some kind of physical activity program, but your plan may need to be matched to your specific needs, and you may need to be more watchful for signs of illness or injury.



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