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  • Tom Venuto's new Fat Burning System - "BURN THE FAT, FEED THE MUSCLE." ($39.00)
  • Sun Slim Diet ($24.95)
  • Ultimate Weight Loss Revealed ($29.95)
  • Maximum Weight Loss in Ten Weeks ($29.95)

  • Ultimate Weight Loss Revealed ($29.95)

    Here's a snapshot of what's in this eye-opening ebook:

    • Know the 3 things that always speed up your metabolism.
    • Why you should never perform aerobic exercise within 2 hours of a meal if you want to lose weight.
    • What the best time of the day is for exercise so you can effortlessly peel away years of unwanted fat and inches - If you don't know this you will never see noticeable weight loss results.
    • How to be in the top 10% of people at the gym who know exactly what they're doing to rapidly lose weight.
    • What no one is telling you about your metabolism. - Without this piece of the puzzle - you'll never lose weight.
    • Why the myth of intense weight training for building up dense muscle tissue to speed up your metabolism isn't entirely true. If you don't know what you're doing you could end up bigger and bulkier with a wrestler's physique. - learn how to really use weight training to effectively burn fat off your trouble areas.
    • Why you absolutely must do a specific weight training routine along with aerobic exercise to see life long weight loss results.
    • Which is most important for losing weight? (A) Proper Nutrition (B) Specialized Aerobic Exercise (C) Specialized Anaerobic Exercise (Get the book to learn this answer!)
    • True or false? Being sore for up to 2 days after a workout is a good thing or a bad thing? - Answer uncovered in Ultimate Weight Loss Revealed.
    • Know undoubtedly which sources of protein, carbohydrates, and veggies you can eat for maximum weight loss results.
    • Learn which fats can kill and which can heal you and slender your body down.
    • What type of fat you should consume daily (At least 1 tablespoon) to see excellent results for losing weight and firming up.
    • Do you know what the 2 most important meals of the day are? HINT: If you don't know this, it's arguable whether you'll ever lose significant weight.
    • Learn what your metabolism cycles are so you can effortlessly lose weight, accelerate your metabolism and firm up, tone down and look your best surprisingly fast.
    • Plus much more!

    The Negative Calorie Diet ($19.95)

    The Negative Calorie Diet identifies over 100 negative calorie foods that force your body to work harder during digestion thus turning your body into a fat burning machine!

    These negative calorie foods are easily found in most grocery stores. No more starving...No more counting calories...No more hunger pangs...Nothing but easy to follow weight loss. CLICK HERE for more details.

    Tom Venuto's new Fat Burning System - "BURN THE FAT, FEED THE MUSCLE.” ($39.00)

    Lifetime-natural bodybuilder, personal trainer, nutritionist and Success Coach from New Jersey teaches you how to turbo-charge your metabolism, gain muscle, burn off body fat and develop unstoppable motivation ... guaranteed! Discover how he's taught thousands of people to get leaner faster than they ever thought possible!

    Even if you have less-than-average genetics... Even if you've never succeeded at losing weight before... Even if you have stubborn fat deposits that don't seem to budge... Right here on this web page you've found the Fat Loss Success System you've been looking for. Click Here for more details.

    Maximum Weight Loss in Ten Weeks ($29.95)

    Here Are The Main Benefits From 'Maximum Weight Loss in Ten Weeks'

    • You'll be shown the only exercises which will create a spike in your metabolism for maximum weight loss!
    • You'll be shown the correct method to perform the Unique 20 Minute Workout, once a week which will jumpstart your metabolism!
    • You'll be shown the visualization technique which will help you improve your will power & motivation to obtain the results you're aiming for.
    • You'll be shown a Unique Fast Walking approach which will Tantalize and Accelerate your ability to burn fat!
    • You'll be able to preserve your precious lean muscle which you need to boost your metabolism and lose weight consistently!
    • You'll be able to start losing bodyfat after your first 20 minute session instantly! Unlike other programs, you don't just lose glycogen and water.
    • The 20 minute program is easy enough for anybody to perform. It works on anyone, no matter your genetics, how long you've been overweight...
    • The 20 minute workouts are guaranteed to improve your metabolism no matter who you are or what situation you're in!
    You can apply the principals of Maximum Weight Loss to achieve the following...
    • Increase your daily calorie requirements by up to 15%, allowing you to eat more calories a day. (No more hunger pains)
    • Increase your bone mineral density by up to 10%. This helps prevent osteoporosis.
    • Increase your resting metabolism by 7% and beyond!
    • Increase your glucose uptake by up to 23% and reduce resting blood pressure significantly.
    • Lower your systolic and diastolic pressure by 5mm and 3mm Hg! (Say goodbye to adult late onset diabetes)
    • Continue to burn calories for up to 15 hours after your 20 minute Strength Training session.
    • Increase the amount of lean muscle tissue on your body needed for metabolism.
    • Lose weight while you sleep, burn fat, calories, and increase metabolism all while laying on your favorite bed.
    • Increase your energy level, stamina, strength, speed and coordination for a total conditioned body.
    • Generate sustained weight loss by eating the correct foods and varying your meals.
    • Control emotional eating and force your body's fat burning engine into overdrive.
    CLICK HERE for more details.

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