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Calories Burned While Walking & Distance Calculator

This calories burned while walking calculator estimates the number of calories burned and the distance traveled.

Walking is an effective exercise when you walk briskly for at least 20 minutes at a constant speed of 3 to 4 miles per hour - ie fifteen to twenty minutes per mile. The number of calories you burn depends on your weight and the amount of effort you put in. The more you weigh or the higher your speed (higher intensity), the more calories you burn.

About this Calories and Distance Calculator
  • You input your weight in either pounds or kilograms;
  • Determine your walking pace. On average how many miles/kilometers you walk per hour;
  • Select 'miles' or 'kilometers' in which to express the calculated distance;
  • Input (in minutes) how long you walked; and
  • Press 'Calculate Calories Burned & Distance Covered';

Calories Burned Calculator

Walking pace

Walking distance in:

mph = miles per hour
kph = kilometers per hour
lbs = pounds

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