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Women Weight Management

Weight management through regular exercise, is reputed to be beneficial in the following ways :
  • increasing bone-mass, especially in women.
  • cutting the risk of hip-fracture in half.

All levels of physical activity are effective. One hour of walking per week, at an average pace of 2-3 miles per hour, is associated with a 6% reduction in hip fracture risk. Walking at more than 3 miles per hour, brings even greater benefits.

This is more evidence that women don’t need to do strenuous or high-impact exercises to achieve big benefits with regard to bone-maintenance.

Regular physical activity is key, and it could be something as simple as taking a daily walk.

With all of the questions surrounding Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), it is important that women know that regular walking or other exercises, can be just as protective for bones; and it is never too late to start exercising.

Weight training vs HRT

A recent study evaluated the impact of weight training among people in their 80s and 90s. Women who exercised the most - the equivalent of an hour of walking a day or jogging for three hours each week - achieved the same protective benefit as that seen in women who were on HRT. HRT conferred no further reduction in risks of fracture in women who exercised and took HRT.

We look to modern science to bring all kinds of miracles. But it is the low-tech interventions like exercise, good nutrition, and mental activity, that are really powerful. Serious consideration of ageing gracefully would mean much more attention paid to these aspects.


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