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BOSU Ball Balance & Strength

One of the newest gems to hit the market is the BOSU Balance Trainer. BOSU is an acronym for BOth Sides Up.

The BOSU Ball Balance Trainer is the brainchild of David Week and was first introduced in 1999 to a group of professional and Olympic teams. The reception was astounding.

What Is BOSU?

BOSU offers a unique way to work on balance, core strength and aerobic conditioning.BOSU balance ball

The BOSU is like an exercise ball that's been cut in half with a platform on the bottom. You can use it ball-side-up to challenge lower body balance and stability or use the platform to target upper body strength.

You can use it for just about anything including:

What It Does

The genius of the design is that all these exercises are performed on an unstable surface. The instability constantly challenges the body to find a balance equilibrium by calling upon deep stabilizing muscles.

Unlike stable floor exercises, the user is challenged throughout the full range of motion. The body's ability to "memorise" a movement and increase efficiency and economy in a motion through repetition is diminished. Every workout on the BOSU ball is a productive, new challenge.

Using the Bosu can help improve:

  • balance and coordination of the core muscles
  • strength and tone muscles.
  • movement performance and efficiency.
  • postural alignment, functional movement and body awareness.

The best thing about the BOSU, besides its versatility, is that it adds fun to your usual workouts. It can be used in place of my step for aerobic workouts (very tough) and while doing some traditional yoga poses like Warrior and Triangle. It makes the workouts challenging and, even better, more interesting.


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